Tackling Winter Self-Storage For Your Delicate Items

Self-storage for winter can be a difficult task, especially for delicate items. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit is the easiest way to ensure that the weather doesn’t affect your belongings, but even if you don’t rent a climate-controlled storage unit, you can follow these tips to make sure your stuff stays in great condition through the colder months.
Wrap it Up
When moving in and out of your storage unit, make sure to wrap your belongings in sheets and towels to keep the dust off and the weather out. This is especially important for storing food in the winter, things like bottles and cans that collect dust easily. This is also a great method for your more fragile items and it gives them an extra layer of protection against the cold.
Winter Car Storage
If you’re looking for Colorado Springs self-storage or Anaheim self-storage this winter, you know how cold and wet it can get. Keep your vehicles safe by putting them in a storage unit! Make sure to check all of your fluids and fill them up before storage. Your tires should be filled to the maximum PSI to prevent flat spots and if possible, disconnect your battery and bring it inside. You can check out other car storage tips here. Lastly, cover your vehicle to prevent any moisture or dust from collecting on or inside of it.
Up Off the Ground
The floor is prone to gathering moisture that will damage delicate items such as books, electronics, and anything else easily affected by the weather. At Stor-Mor, we recommend either using shelves or stacking the less delicate items on the bottom. Make sure to leave a pathway in your storage unit to make getting in and out easier. Winter self-storage has never been easier with Stor-Mor. Make sure to inquire about our climate-controlled self-storage for the best storage we have to offer, so chat with us today!