Your Guide to Using Self-Storage For Business

Business self-storage can be greatly beneficial to a wide variety of companies. If you’re a small shop looking to expand and need a place to store inventory or a large corporation with tons of documents that need a place to go, commercial storage is a great option. Business storage helps companies stay organized and keep unnecessary stuff out of the office (or home) space. Keep in mind that self-storage in Fort Collins will be different from Littleton self-storage, so make sure you know the facility amenities before you choose one. Here are three ways that your business can benefit from self-storage!
Document Storage
Probably the most universal part of business storage is keeping documents and paperwork in a safe, organized place. Keeping tax paperwork, receipts, and other records are necessary when running a business, and having a place to do so makes things so much easier. Here’s how document storage works: first, label everything correctly so you can find it when the time comes. If you know you’ll need to access these documents, store them near the front of your storage unit. Lastly, keep the paperwork off of the ground with shelves to prevent damage!
Inventory Storage
Depending on your product, you may want to invest in commercial storage to keep your inventory organized and out of the office space. First and foremost, decide if you will need climate-controlled storage to keep your product in tip-top shape. For example, storage units in Torrance don’t get as hot as say, Anaheim storage units. If your inventory is fragile or heat/moisture sensitive, it’s a good idea to invest in climate-controlled storage. Make sure you keep an inventory list and markdown what comes in and what goes out for optimal organization.
Equipment and Furniture Storage
If you’re a service business, chances are you’ve got some equipment and need a place to keep it when it’s not being used. Self-storage is great for lawn-care companies, construction companies, painters, e-commerce shops, and much more. With commercial storage, you’ve got a place to keep all of your eggs in one basket so-to-speak. Business storage is also the best place to keep all the extra office furniture you don’t need yet such as desks, chairs, etc. At Stor-Mor, we have a variety of locations in California so no matter where your business is located, we’ve got a facility nearby. We offer self-storage in Fort CollinsColorado Springsand Littleton as well as locations in Cypress, Anaheim, and Torrance. No matter where your company is based out of, Stor-Mor has options for you. Enquire today!