Paying it Forward With Self Storage Donations

When cleaning out your Cypress self-storage unit, chances are that you’ll come across some items you no longer want or need. Instead of throwing these away, why not take them to your local donation centers for some self-storage charity work? Donation centers near Cypress, CA are abundant and some of them will even pay you for your stuff! Below we’ve listed some of the best organizations to bring your unwanted belongings to, check it out.
Cypress, CA Goodwills
There are two Goodwill stores within Cypress. The first is located on 6006 Lincoln Ave and the second is on 8155 E Wardlow Rd. Both of these exceptional donation centers accept clothes, furniture, and other non-perishable items that can be resold at super low prices. This helps the community greatly and it’ll make you feel good just for doing it!
Uptown Cheapskate
If you’ve got old clothing you no longer need but would like to make a profit on, Uptown Cheapskate is the way to go. They’ll pay you cash based on brand names and kinds of clothing items you bring in. They accept both men and women’s clothing items and for a tip for earning more for your clothing items, their website says, “We buy items based on condition, style, inventory levels, and what sells well in our store. Just bring your things in a bin or bag, and we’ll have an offer ready quickly.” The closest location is within a 30-minute drive of Cypress in Fullerton, CA. There is a Goodwill just down the street from Uptown Cheapskate, so whatever they don’t take then you can take it to Goodwill.
Children’s Orchard
If your kids have outgrown their clothes, it’s time to take them into Children’s Orchard. This awesome child thrift-store accepts donations of gently used clothing, toys, and equipment. As a bonus, they’ll pay the first 20 people who come to donate each day for their belongings. It’s a great option for donating your storage unit contents for kids because kids outgrow things so fast and many of the things they are bought are only used once or twice! So, keep in mind when cleaning out your Cypress storage units that these options are available for donating things you no longer need. And, if you need Cypress storage, Stor-Mor is here to help. We offer competitive rates and a variety of options for everyone!