Self-Storage Prepping (And How to Do It Safely)

Renting storage units to keep emergency supplies is a great idea, especially in light of recent events. Keeping enough essentials to last you through a crisis certainly never hurts. To help you out, we’ve created a little checklist for what you’ll need and how to properly store these items with Stor-Mor Self-Storage.
Food Storage
Keeping food in a storage unit may seem like a good idea until rodents, roaches and other critters get into it. While pests will get into your food if it’s not stored properly, it’s a good rule of thumb to never store perishable food items in your self-storage. Keep all food items in airtight containers at home, especially if you’re keeping grains or rice. Other items will expire if they are kept under extreme temperatures, such as canned goods. All of these food storage tips are best observed at home, so save yourself some grief with these home food storage tips.
Water Storage
Probably the most popular item to store when self-storage prepping, water is both easy to keep and essential for life. Whether it’s conveniently packaged in water bottles or you have large containers that can fit gallons, water storage is pretty simple. One thing to watch out for, however: the chemicals in the plastic water bottles can get into the water if it’s too hot, so climate-control self-storage might be the best option.
Disinfectants and Other Supplies
During this pandemic, cleaning supplies and protective wear such as gloves and face masks are good to have on hand. Make sure you have plenty of sanitizing wipes, sanitizer, and soap as well (toilet paper is also going quickly). While accessing your storage unit, wear gloves and avoid touching your face. Keeping things clean and organized will also serve you well when the time comes. Now you know what to do for your self-storage prepping, so it’s time to check out our Stor-Mor Self-Storage and find the perfect unit to suit your needs.