Emergency Storage in Anaheim

One of the best ways to prepare for serious emergencies is to invest in an off-site location where you can store valuables, data, and supplies you can rely on in the future. This is the perfect use for an Anaheim self-storage facility. If you’re worried about a current emergency, or you just want to prepare for the uncertain future, it makes sense to begin stocking up now.
Choosing Your Storage Unit
When building an emergency self-storage supply, one of the most important steps that you’ll be going through is choosing the right storage unit. Choose the Anaheim self-storage space you use with care and you’ll end up with emergency storage that’s more helpful to you. Our Anaheim storage location is located on North Armando street and has storage units as small as 5×5 and up to extra-large 20×20 units for RV’s, boats, and vehicles. Whether your emergency supplies last for a few days or up to a few months, you can get a storage unit size that fits your emergency storage needs.
Make a Disaster Kit to Keep in Storage
After you decide on a location for your Anaheim storage units, you can move on to building up a disaster kit you can rely on for supplies when you need them most. Keep some extra clothing, flashlights, batteries, first-aid kits, gloves, cleaning supplies, water purification products, a radio, and other emergency supplies readily available in your unit. Clearly mark these supplies and put them in an easy-reach location so you can get the supplies you need when you need them.
Backup Your Data Remotely
One of the best uses for your Anaheim self-storage is as a remote data backup site. Invest in a fire-proof and waterproof storage container and put in flash drives and external hard drives loaded with your most precious data. Keep family photos, scans of important documents, and any other files that you want to preserve in this box. You should make a backup of your files and keep one copy in your Anaheim storage and the other at home. You can also utilize a cloud storage service with a server located in another part of the world as a third backup for another layer of protection.
Use Your Storage to House Vulnerable Valuables
Depending on the emergency situation, you’re going to want space to house your valuables away from your home. For instance, in times of flooding, widespread fires, or even after major mudslides it’s helpful to be able to move your valuables to a storage space that’s farther away from the area of damage. Keep open space in your unit where you can move your valuables during emergency situations. Having that option available will make your emergency unit even more helpful. Follow these simple tips and you’ll create a more effective emergency storage location that you can depend on no matter what emergency you’re facing.