Moving During COVID-19 in Cypress

Even though COVID-19 has changed the way the world operates, it can’t stop people from moving. Whether your apartment lease is up, you sold your house, or you just need a bigger space, Stor-Mor Self Storage in Cypress is here to help make sure you can move and store your items safely during COVID-19. Below are a few tips on home storage, packing, and moving during COVID-19.
First Things First: Make A Plan
Moving during COVID-19 requires a bit more planning than you might usually need for a move. Rather than calling a few friends and figuring it out as you go, you will probably need to have things set up in advance and plan for extra space for social distancing as well as extra soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer for whoever helps.
Second: Organize and Prepare
Once your plan is set, the real work begins. Home organization can be very helpful in reducing time and stress while moving during COVID-19. Be sure to pack things with labels, so you and your movers will put them in the right place at your new location. Make sure the labels are easy to read and understand. If your new place has multiple bedrooms, make it clear which room the box goes into. This eliminates the need to move the box again once it’s at home. Clearly mark heavy items, and if you’re moving items into a Cypress self-storage unit, put the heavy items on the bottom of your self-storage unit.
Third: Clean, Sanitize, and Bring Hygiene Supplies
Whether you’re using professional movers or family and friends, moving during COVID-19 is a bit nerve-racking for everyone. To help give everyone peace of mind, go through and sanitize high-traffic areas ahead of time. Light switches, door handles, and other places that will be touched frequently during your move should be wiped down beforehand. Also, provide plenty of hand sanitizer and soap, and paper towels. Be sure that your movers know where these supplies are located, and tell them to use them freely. This is a great time to wipe down your belongings as you pack them, making your stuff both clean and safe for everyone.
Last: Move and Unpack Smart
Has your house become a bit chaotic and cluttered over the years? Moving is a perfect time to restore order. Home storage ideas include moving unnecessary or rarely-used items into a storage room or into a Cypress, CA, storage unit. Declutter and minimize as much as possible before and during your move to keep your new place feeling spacious. Garage storage solutions include hanging tools and bikes on hooks rather than leaving them loose in the garage, and if possible, installing simple shelving to put items on, giving you more room for your cars. Unpack boxes in the right place, so you don’t have to move those items again later.
At Cypress Storage, We’re Here to Help
If you need a storage unit in Cypress, CA, we are here to help. We know that moving can be stressful, and moving during COVID-19 even more so. At our storage in Cypress, Stor-Mor provides quick and simple ways to rent out our Cypress self-storage units. No matter what your storage needs are, Cypress Storage is here to help. Check us out today!